November 17, 2005

Car Seats For Tall And/Or Skinny Babies

Here's a quick round-up of car seats people have mentioned in the discussion about what to car seat to get when your kid outgrows his infant carrier more quickly than you expected. Only a few seem to be useful for taxis, though:

  • Eddie Bauer Cosco 35 [usable from 5-35lbs, much-lamented, out of production]
  • Evenflo Triumph 5 [5-30lbs, rear-facing. cheap, highly rated, not hip]
  • Sit-n-Stroll [the carseat/stroller in SkyMall. Looks like a mini-La-Z-Boy]
  • "small cardboard box with blankets and the back seat of [a] '67 Dodge Dart" [note: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. OR ON THE ROAD.]
  • Graco convertible [?]
  • Britax Decathlon ["has extra supprt for smaller infants and is super comfortable."]

    Potentially taxi-friendly options:

  • Cosco Tote 'n Go Portable [looks like a little backpack w/a 5-pt harness. "really hard to install well"]
  • Cosco Touriva ["bigger than the infant seat, but a lot smaller than most convertibles out there." also good to 35lbs.]
  • Graco SafeSeat [coming soon, infant-30lbs, "basically a big SnugRide with a different base"]
  • Sunshine Kids Radian [also coming soon, it folds up. "pretty freaking heavy" but potentially "awesome for nyc parents." here's an earlier DT post on it.]

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