November 16, 2005

Work To Live or Live To Work Or Work To Parent Or--

Metrodad Metrodad Metrodad. If you read blogs through their syndicated feeds in your newsreader or My Yahoo or whatever, you miss the comments. And that sucks, especially when they're as insightful as the ones on MD's post about the challenges of finding and balancing satisfaction with work, money, being a person, and being a parent. It makes me want to up and quit my job, if only I hadn't up and quit a few years ago.

Whether you're a new parent or just someone feeling the work/self/family tensions very acutely, it's worth a read.

Blogging doesn't pay the bills [metrodad]

1 Comment

Hey Greg,

Thanks for the mention. I was in awe of how amazing and insightful the comments were on that post. Not only did I find them helpful but also they gave me some great perspective. Hah! And I thought people just came to read me for the poop jokes!

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