November 15, 2005

Blurbs from the NYT Children's Book Review

istvan_banyai_other_side.jpgSo Istvan Banyai has a new book, The Other Side, again with the no words, that "whips the viewer into a fury of fast-paced looking."

All three books about toddlers getting a new baby brother or sister get great reviews, which I'm sure grandma and grandpa will use as an excuse to start the "Well, when are you going to have another?" drumbeat.

Meanwhile, from the "one is more than enough, thanks" pile, Carson Kressley's You're Different, and That's Super! tale of Trumpet the Unicorn sounds like it sucks and blows at the same time. Noble talents in some realms, to be sure, but not in children's bookwriting. "...and the fact that Trumpet's distinction is his great big horn is, well, the sort of thing that gets Focus on the Family very upset." [Probably shouldn't mention Chato Goes Cruisin' to them, either...]

Here's the whole NYT Children's Book Review section for Fall 2005 and a slideshow of the best illustrated books for kids, too. [nyt]

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