November 15, 2005

And In More Nobody's Watching Martha Stewart News

Seeing her on The Daily Show last night and reading about how her Apprentice got cancelled--sure am glad I didn't skip the birth of my child to be on a tv show no one watched--I realized I never heard boo about Martha Stewart's Nov. 4 "Mr. Mom" show.

Should I ask if anyone actually went or saw it? Or should I wonder if it actually got scrapped, since there's no mention of it on the show's website?

Let me know, and I'll drag the drums out to the forest for a victory dance.


In the end the show never happened. They postponed it to November 11th with a great guest....wait for it....Howie Mandel?!?

Fortunately for everyone involved, they then decided to scrap the whole idea.

My husband got tired of the cancellations too, and when he realized that Martha wasn't permitting the babies to come-- he said, "No way!" That was stupid on her part-- the whole point is that they are SAHD's so what were we supposed to do, hire a sitter???

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