November 14, 2005

Talk To The Zebra

Saturday, the wife took the kid to the Zoo, where they kept running into a kid riding one of those tricycles-on-a-stick. I guess I forgot to tell my wife that [who knew?], the kid had developed an obsession with these things, thanks to a 90-second turn on some other kid's stick-trike at the park on Tuesday. She's a quick study, though, and her advice for defusing the trike-induced screaming became the kid's mantra: "You can tell your problems to the zebra."

Sure enough, on the way out--the zebra's the second animal from the gate--the kid gets out of her stroller, climbs up on the rail, and cries her heart out to the zebra, "ride the bicycle. ride the bicycle."

I figure with the money we're saving on therapy, I can buy a new Bugaboo every six weeks.


can we get dibs on the first "old" bugaboo when you get your new one? :)

[no way, man, I'm gonna stack'em up in the hallway like planes at O'hare. -ed.]

I am sensing a new t-shirt/catch phrase sweeping the nation. "Tell your problems to the zebra." It will be this generation's "Don't Worry Be Happy." Or "Frankie Says Relax". Or ... something.

Sounds like you have not yet made the tricycle decision. Almost as much fun as picking out a stroller. Personally, I went with a Kettler Air Jumbo.

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