November 9, 2005

Observer Blacklist: NYC Hipster Baby Stores

The New York City way of life is threatened like never before by purveyors of "edgy" baby gear. How can it be stopped? [Or, alternately, where can I get me some of that edgy?] The New York Observer has dutifully prepared a blacklist for your protesting/shopping convenience:


  • Sam & Seb, Williamsburg ["bustling"]
  • Lolli's, Park Slope [169 Seventh Avenue, between Garfield and First, to be exact]
  • Babybird, also in The Slope ["flippant"]


  • Lucky Wang, the Village ["two locations, East and West"]
  • Exit 9, East Village ["a veritable hotbed of such shops"]
  • Funky Fresh, LES [ 9 Clinton St., near Stanton]


    lucky wang rocks. they have some mommy stuff too which is nice. all their shirts and komodo style dresses are amazing, and what a deal too!

    greg, the link to Exit 9 is a tad buggered.

    Hipsters? What's hipsters? Is that a new fangled city folk word for yuppies?

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