November 8, 2005

The Peanut Archives Arrives

Trust me, I'm not spoiling it for you when I tell you this is the installment of The Peanut where Danny Gregory's wife finally gives birth. Great stuff:

I feel tremendously guilty, darting between both sides of the room, splitting my loyalties between both of my family members, the one shocked and alone in the world, the other writhing in agony on the gory table. I have images of Patti saying, As soon as the baby came, you left me alone. You just dont love me anymore, and of the baby saying, I was just born and youre already ignoring me from the get-go?
Past Due (August) []
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He got kicked out of the room during the epidural?

[no kidding, that's what I thought, too. The whole story really puts the "labor" in labor, though. Rough trip. -ed.]

I did actually get booted. Or received a firm recommendation that I leave the room rather than pass out at the sight of my wife being spinally tapped. Not that I would have. Probably.
Anyway, is that not the norm? I've never experienced the situation before or since.


[not here. I had a frontrow seat. that was one big-ass needle, too. -ed.]

I was holding my wife's shoulders and trying to keep her calm and still so the jack-ass anesthesiologist wouldn't put the big-ass needle through her spleen.

I was all worried that they were going to boot my husband because three different friends had said it happened to them, but when the time came, our docs didn't even suggest it. I wonder what the deciding factor is?

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