November 8, 2005

Move Over, Bun, There's A Cookie In The Oven

cookie_premiere.jpgSet to hit newsstands next week, the NY Times has a preview of Cookie, which was presumably delivered to their office by the conscripted children of Conde Nast employees. As editor Pilar Guzman explains, Cookie is a new type of parenting magazine which emphasizes "the mom and rediscovering the woman within the mom." [That's Conde Nast-speak for "no fat mommies, either."]:

The cover of the premiere issue shows a 33-year-old woman and an 8-year-old boy jumping on the bed in a hotel room. Both are wearing pajamas (hers, $50; his, $110) though she is also keeping cozy with a white cashmere coat ($484).

(The two are not related in real life, but the editors and focus groups thought they had what Ms. Guzman described as an authentic chemistry.)

So mom gets replaced by a model? That is so sweet. Women who just gave birth are going to just gobble that up.

A Magazine for Moms Trying to Stay Stylish After the Baby [nyt]
Some titles Cookie didn't go for [fishbowlny]


Don't forget my favorite quote:

"I want the things around me to be beautiful, even if I do have a couple of kids."

I believe it's the first time I've heard a mother call her children ugly.

[and coming from the guru of Parents Behaving Badly, that's saying something. -ed.]

Coming soon to a doctor's waiting room near you.

I have been desperately waiting for a magazine that focuses on what we all can admit children are, stylish props to show off trendy fashions and accessories from today's best designers.

Letís face it, Parenting magazine and there ilk, um, suck, but this is too much. If any editor had a clue they could spend a few days on the net and cobble together plenty of FREE data and design a useful, pertinent mag.

Isn't that cover mom an ex-runway model from the early 90's? Her name was Trisha, Tisha? Tried looking it up online, but couldn't find it. Anyone know?

Is there every any parenting story or magazine that has anything to do with Dads?

The only dad-mag that I'm aware of is

Where is DaddyTypes the magazine?

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