November 7, 2005

I'll Call Him Mini-me.

So a reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes in:

since i've started the playgroup circuit, i've noticed that many moms have named their kids similarly. it's almost like, "this is the name i
wish i had so i gave it to the kid." the result is usually a rhymey, sing-songy introduction...

Hi, I'm Sarah, this is Sophia.
I'm Emily, this is Emma.
I'm Anne, this is Annabelle.
I'm Henry, this is Henrietta. [??]

OK, I keed with the last one, and I also changed her examples so as not to bust her with her playgroupies.

This isn't quite mini-me (John Jr.) but better-me. But wouldn't a dad named Myron [Chill, Myrons, just an example] be equally likely to wish he was named Todd, not just Mike or Miles, and name his kid accordingly?

The emailer doesn't mention any boys, though, or dads, so maybe it's just a mom thing, like how Jon Benet and Paris were meant to be their moms, v2.0. Or maybe raising her kid on Paradise Island is skewing her data.


If my youngest child had been a girl I was going to name him after me. All nineteen letters and the hyphen.

I've noticed the name we chose for the Monkey is a mini-me. But what's worse is people often get my wife's name mixed up with the cat's.

This is funny because it's true. I've got a boy (and his name is similar to his father's but not the same), and if the next kid is a girl, her name will be Allison. Which *is* the name I wish I'd had. (My son's name similarity to my husband is entirely a coincidence - the kid is actually named for a celebrity. Which is worse, I don't know.)

Hey, you gotta pick a kid name somehow.

I never thought that I would name my kid after myself but somehow it happened. I figure that when he's old enough to drop the diminutive '-ny' that I'll be old enough to reclaim it.

Or, maybe we can switch off every 5 years. From today until 2010 he'll be Danny and I'll be Dan. Then he gets Dan until 2015 when we'll switch back.


[ah. at first I thought you named him Abu. -ed.]

What does it take to be referred to as a mini-Mum, though?

Is it enough that the names start with the same letter?
Or do we need mroe evidence of similarity?

We named our son after his Mother, by using her middle name: Mason.

That should screw the kid up just enough to keep him honest, yet out of "identity therapy." Only time will tell. (Geeze, you don't suppose it will make him Gay, do ya?)

Anyway, if he starts to waver, we can always buy him "nice things" - like that punter in MB CA - to ease his pain.


[Dan, you're famous in hippie country up north, too! -ed.]

How should one name a child?

We have two, a nine year old girl and a two year old boy.

Our wonderful Ellie (Eleanor Erin) was named partially after my wife's favorite grandmother; The Erin part just sounded like it fit.

10 years ago, we agreed that should our first be a boy, we would name him (ended up a her obviously) Zachary,but could never settle on a middle name.

Today we have Zachary Andrew, the middle name the same as my middle name; but we call him Zach.

My father was Lawrence Allan, I am Lawrence Andrew. He was already called Larry, I am called Andy. In the long run, what difference does it make anyway? I know plenty of Johns, Joes and Mikes as well as Susans, Marys, and Janes...and they are all different sorts of people. Certainly some are mini-me names, but others are not.

Like the earlier commenter, you gotta pick a name somehow.

I know I'm just 16 and I'm not thinking of being a mum but if I was, I would pick some classic and normal names like James, Dylan or John (if it was a boy), or Beatrice, or Mary (if it was a girl). I don't know...I just like them, you know. Of course, sometimes you get influenced because of the celebrities. This names are for celebrities, but I love the names not just because of that, I just love them.

What I've noticed a lot is people naming their two kids with phonetically very similar names. I know pairs of sisters with names like: Shayla and Kailyn; Jacqueline and Jasmine; and Ila and Maya, to name a few.

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