November 4, 2005

Milk: Keeps Your Cookie From Being Lonely

milk_mag.jpgIf you can't wait another couple of days for the debut of Conde Nast's lush Cookie Magazine, scoot on over to a better newsstand and pick up a copy of MiLK. If it's not the French inspiration for Cookie, Milk will certainly go well with your Cookie Lifestyle. Here's a snippet of the mag's raison d'etre:

MilK, because we all feel something in common: nostalgic for our childhood. And here we are, new parents with a mission: to pass on a genuine education that also helps children to develop a taste for beautiful things. This transient moment, we want to live it together, like a hedonistic transition where each moment is an occasion to be an aesthete.
Remember it now, because in a few months, Cookie'll have you thinking they invented hedonistic, aesthetic parenting. Mais non.

MiLK Magazine: Abonnez-vous for EUR19,90/yr--if you live in France []


My g/f says that MiLK is just an excuse to give cigarettes to babies.

That is the scariest cyborg of a child I have ever seen. How sad is it that "Children of the Corn" is now a good look for kids?

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