November 3, 2005

Crotchety CBGB Owner Wants All Those Babywear Profits For Himself

cbgb_onesies.jpgHilly Kristal, the crazy, old geezer who owns CBGB, is hoping to keep his tired, lame "birthplace of punk" club alive by waging a war of annoyance in the press and the courts.

Or by moving to Las Vegas. The judge in his case suggested if the club can't afford the rent, maybe it should move; logical, sure, but the whiny bum said that'd take time. [so what're you waitin' for?] He whined on:

Kristal added that he's been approached by several businesses including a children's sleepwear manufacturer with buyout offers. Most of these offers would entail Kristal turning over his right to the CBGB name and the club itself. But he's not having that. "I am not going to sell the name and let anybody do what they want under any circumstances."
Damn children's sleepwear manufacturers, always trying to make an easy buck off of someone's brand. Seriously, what better reason can there be for making your kid his own bootleg punk-related bodysuits?

CBGB Kids Gear, pink for girls, black for boys [cbgb]
Judge Suggests Solution To CBGB Lease Drama [mtv via curbed]

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