November 2, 2005

iPod My Baby Cutest Baby Contest--Remember, No Fatties

With a midnight, Dec. 15 deadline for entries, and winners set to be announced the next day [!!], you don't have enough time to conceive and give birth to the world's cutest baby and enter him in's World's Cutest Baby photo contest.

But six weeks does give you enough time to whip your existing kid into shape, you know, lose a few pounds, drop a few Onesie sizes. ["I can still wear my size 0-3!"] See, one of the "celebrity judges" [their term] is Pilar Guzman, editor of Conde Nast's new baby magazine, Cookie. And you know how they feel about fat babies at Conde Nast. Don't worry, it's nothing six weeks of Marlboro Reds and Grey Goose can't fix.

iPod My Baby World's Cutest Baby contest
[ipodmybaby via dt reader/chief apple polisher kaz]
OTOH, they DID make their clickwheel artwork available for easy DIY downloading...

See also: Nano Nano, black and other homebrewed versions


Link to the ipodmybaby contest sends you to the precious moments stroller...intentional?

[oops. only subliminal, sorry. -ed.]

Since you own an ipod AND are really graphically endowed... emh that didn;t come out right..

Cause you know how to make things prettie... can you help our family win ipod with the ipodmybaby contest, click for all the details

we need YOUR help ;>
the broody dyer brood in the 4-5 avenue hood

thay are so cute hey

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