November 1, 2005

Other Daddies Typing, Vol. 5

See how far behind I get in my reading and posting?:

  • The Bean's Dad had a breakthrough in group: the moms at the playground are actually talking to him, despite that whole SAHD shower schedule [come on, you know the one I'm talking about...]
  • Ars Technica forum members geek out over baby monitor technology. The short answer: Mobi Mobicam Wireless and Fisher Price. The medium answer: bloggingbaby's executive summary. the looong, sweet hacked up, networked up answer: the ars technica thread itself.
  • Jamon y Salsa de Papaya? Frijoles Pinto con Arroz y Pollo? Yo quiero "Ricetas Latinas" de Gerber. [bloggingbaby]
  • What Do You Do With A Tail Like This? is #4 on Laid-Off Dad's list of the top ten children's book titles that can also be pickup lines. I would point out there is also an entire series called Watch Me Grow.
  • heh heh. he said "nipples." [mr. nice guy]
  • Something stinks at Procter & Gamble, and it's not your socks. Turns out they're running a Febreze contest, and you're not woman enough to enter. Rebel Dad's calling for a boycott. Febreze, Pampers, the whole shebang. Just as soon as he finishes up this batch of Mach 3's [I got like a 48-pack at Costco, so it may take me a while to start boycotting. You all go ahead, I'll catch up.]
  • "It is amazing what soon-to-be parents will tolerate in the thrall of perceived authority." Everything you need to know about birthing classes, you learned from Dutch. And Walt Whitman. Want to rock the class? Simple: DON'T mention the Super Bowl.
  • NOW he tells me. I burned three weeks searching for a Nelly Olson Little House On The Prairie Onesie, and now Dutch confesses he made it himself. The secret: Google Images + iron-on printer sheets. Finally! No more embarassing hipster clonewear!
  • Thingamababy offers advice for overcoming balloon addiction. His solution? Fill the house with unreachable balloons. ??!! We use balloons to teach the kid important Buddhist principles about the impermanence of the physical world. Two words: Nordstrom shoe department. Two more words: balloon lamps.
  • Dadventure has seven great tips for optimizing your SAHD day. I think there were originally eight tips, but he cut "Don't let your sofa smell like ass! Get Febreze!" in protest.


    I wouldn't have known about the Febreeze thing anyway were it not for the ruckus, so I can't say there's a loss. Febreeze is kind of a weird concept anyway - here, spray this chemical on what's dirty and though it technically remains dirty it will smell like it's clean. Still, I see the point and I will not buy Febreeze with more than my usual passion at the earliest opportunity.

    On an ENTIRELY different subject that may deserve a different location, what's up with Alito? Apparently, there is concern about some ruling he made that women must notify their husband before an abortion. Call me a pig, but I'm not seeing how that's CRAZY. It's too much to ask that the dad (I presume that's the husband but perhaps I presume too much) give permission, but isn't some sort of notification well within the realm of "normal"? It just doesn't seem whacko.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, uh, yeah, wrong place...

    I think the reason why the spousal/partner notification is not neccesarily a black and white issue for all people is because of women in abusive relationships. The thought is that women who are in harmful relationships would be once again in harm's way if they had to notify their abuser, etc.
    Okay, enough politics. Just clarifying . . .

    agreed (to you both).

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