October 31, 2005

Last Minute Change To The Kid's Halloween Costume

exorcist_bunnies.JPGWe had planned to go out to Grandma's in the suburbs for some dinner and token trick or treating, but halfway there, we gave up and turned around (DC traffic). The kid was going to go as Little Red Riding Hood, with a basket from Grandma's house (nice touch, no?) and her traffic-stopping red Muji raincoat. Not a big deal.

But after we turned around, opting for dinner at home, the kid was sitting at the table when she powerpuked in an impressive, nearly perfect arc. Not sure whether she was going for the Regan The Exorcist Girl costume or Baby Witch of Eastwick, but either way, it was a winner.

The Exorcist in 30-seconds, as depicted by bunnies [angryalien]

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