October 29, 2005

Brussels Invaded By... Who?


Never before seen! That high-tech aluminum frame, all that rubber, that black thing protruding from it? If only that gas-detecting, video-surveillance robot wasn't in the way, we could get a clearer shot and see what kind of stroller that is.

Because let's face it: German tanks patrolling Belgium is not exactly a new story, now is it?

Robots patroling in the streets of Bxl
[reuters via wmmna]

[update: duh, it's the bebeconfort Kart, "the new pushchair for dads!". Thanks, Becca.]

1 Comment

It looks to me like a Bebe Confort Kart....yeah definitely. I checked on welcomemrbaby...only because the bebeconfort website wouldn't load...nightmare ;)

[d'oh, how quickly I forget: "-Goodbye granpa's pushchair, here comes the new dads' pushchair! An ideal blend of design and innovation, the kart gives a real buzz thanks to its handle/operated controls."

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