October 28, 2005

Volvo Baja Family Truckster

volvo_xc70_ipd.jpgVolvo North America and Portland-based Volvo specialists IPD are going to debut the XC70 All Terrain concept car at the upcoming SEMA show in Las Vegas. Though it's based on a production model XC70, ipd has managed to squeeze 408hp out of the normal V70 R sport wagon's 2.5-liter 5-cylinder engine [which, at 300hp, is already 92hp more than the standard XC70's turbo-5 puts out].

Obviously, though, it's the encrustations of the plated underbody, the 5-ton winch, the new, custom bumpers and skirts, and the generator and gas can perched on the custom roofrack that catch the eye first. The black and grey neoprene interior, on the other hand, just kind of sneaks up on you, making you wonder why neoprene isn't an available option already?

In real life, of course, that roof rack would be carrying a Pack 'n Play and a cooler full of breast milk. And Aunt Edna's frail, dead body, wrapped in a "a brilliant orange Saffron and Titanium" utility tarp that "that pays homage to the stunning Baja, Mexico sunsets."

Volvo XC70 All Terrain by ipd Custom Built for Almost Anything [swedespeed, via jalopnik]
See non-Baja Volvos at Volvocars.us


ummm, were you serious about keeping the ratio of mommies to daddies balanced by the car talk? Because that Volvo pictured is making my heart beat a little faster... and all those features you listed are drawing DEEP sighs from somewhere within me.

Yikes! Must go look at baby carriers now, before I pass out...


So, if I feed our XC after midnight...

Wasn't there a Subaru called Baja? Hope they don't get sued!

[I don't think it's actually called "Baja," just inspired by it. But now that you mention it, it DOES look like a Subaru... -ed.]

Yeah, but it's still not as cool as the never-produced Jeep Dakar (which morphed into the Liberty because the suits at DCX were too afraid to cannibalize sales of the other Wrangler models). Word on the street is that it may actually get produced, someday (I won't hold my breath).

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