October 28, 2005

It's 10:01. Do You Know Where Your Wiggles Are?

Well, I thought they'd be on the Disney Channel, since it's where they are every other day. But no. The one day I decide to talk them up, build up a little excitement with the kid, the programming geniuses at Disney pre-empt The Wiggles for some British animated series marathon.

Maybe this is just a cynical ploy to sell the DVD's. Or TiVo's.


The bright side - not having the Fruit Salad Song playing on an endless loop inside your head.

Fruit salad...yummy yummy...ah, damn it, there it goes.

[we've been waiting for "hot potato hot potato" for days. no luck. -ed.]

This has happened to us a number of times here in knoxville. They went from 7:30 a wonderful time to 6:30 (WTF!). We are trying to build our arsenal of DVDs to avoid any of the "You want to watch The Wiggles?, Do You? Do You? Well, too bad, they've switched times... here watch the Today Show"

I get my Wiggles fix every morning at 6:00 AM EST. Capt. Destructo is awake at that time getting ready for his hard day at "work".

It was Charlie and Lola which we had to watch most of the morning while dearest toddler shouted LOLA-LOLA-LOLALOLALOLALOLA! I'm sure I know each episode by heart now.

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