October 27, 2005

And In Other Exotic Stroller News...

You know about the discovery of Japanese Macplorys. But did you know...

...about Torck, a Belgian stroller maker whose Bayamo stroller has a wheel stance and rounded-square seat frame that looks just enough like a Dutch Bugaboo to make you think it came from the country right next door? Judging from the creaky, vintage website, though, the Torck may have come first, who knows?

...that the Torck also looks a lot like New Jersey longhairs' rig of choice, the Rock Star Baby stroller which was launched this month by baby entrepreneur/Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres? Coincidence? I wonder...

...that the Orbit Infant System, that rockin' air-lockin' James Bondin' carseat/stroller-by-engineers system that was the talk of the baby industry's spring expo--won't be on the market this winter, but next spring instead? Magic Beans is taking pre-orders, though. On the upside, at $899, you're saving $300 off of the whisper number from the convention center floor. Buy two and save $600, and so on, and so on...


...that after pursuing a distribution deal for a year-plus, Magic Beans just scored a Canadian warehouseful of eye-popping i'coo Pico 4 strollers from the German company Hauck? [They're doing the inventory now, so check back. Hopefully, they're not all pink.] Who can produce a gross of German strollers with one phone call, you wonder? The Rock Star Baby guys. Coincidence? Or is that whole Bon Jovi thing just a front for their international stroller racket?


Orbit had a big booth at Vegas. Interesting concept, but not quite right somehow. At that price, and with what looks like a delayed launch now, I'd be sweating it a little bit.

And mbeans.com is a 404 for me.

Nope, not all pink. Have 'em in all colors in fact, and you can order them online and get free shipping in the US. Enjoy!

I just tried one out today and love the fact that the handle telescopes up really high and very low, which will be great for you really tall Daddy types.

But it does have a 'compact geplooid'. God I love languages from that region!

I don't see what the big deal is at $899. The gecko is $879, and it doesn't comes with a carseat. So why is everyone shocked by the orbit price when it comes with a carseat and stroller? Seem like a better deal then the bugaboo to me.

i have a torck stroller pre 1950, when i google it the info. comes up it german can you tell me anything about it,

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