October 26, 2005

NYT Restaurant Critic Slits Ninja's Throat

Yeow. Frank Bruni's review of Ninja New York, a ridiculous-sounding, outrageously priced branch of a Tokyo theme restaurant, is more entertaining than a hundred ninjas sword-fighting their way into a fake volcano lair, but the only reason I'm mentioning it here is this line:

For a toddler with a trust fund and a yen for udon and maki, Ninja might be a valid alternative to the Jekyll and Hyde restaurant.

For just about anybody else it's nonsensical, and its climactic illusion may well be a disappearing act.

Yelping Warriors, and Rocks in the Broth [nyt]
Previously: plush ninjas are, in contrast, nice and quiet


This place is about a block away from our apartment. I had a good chuckle when they were doing some pre-opening promotion a few weeks ago. They had a guy in a ninja costume stand mutely outside on the sidewalk. He wouldn't move or speak to anyone. Apparently, this must have been a ninja in training because I saw him take off his hood and his costume. Who knew ninjas were now recruiting bald overweight Puerto Rican guys with goatees?

Thanks for the link to this brilliantly cheesy restaurant. I've invited my whole kungfu posse out for dinner there in a few weeks if it is still actually open. The food might suck, but how often do you get to eat dinner with real live ninjas? I'll check out the bathroom for a changing table. Perhaps they'll have one made out of tatami.

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