October 25, 2005

SAHD Seduced By Mazda M5....Minivan

When his kid was born, Jeff Sabatini ge gave up his Miata, his motorcycle--and his job, because his wife makes more than he did. So who's he left with? Besides the kid, I mean? His Mazda M5 space wagon, er, multiactivity vehicle, er--oh, forget it. He's in love and he can say it: it's a minivan. Well, there is the snowboard, too.

Ah, yes, the snowboard. While Detroit's usual yardstick of utility involves golf bags in the trunk, mine is tossing the plank in the back. On that score, and on any other that matters, Mazda has made it altogether too easy for me to imagine toting wife and child up to the lodge for some relaxation and recreation. A slippery slope, indeed. Either I have truly descended into middle-age miasma, or the Mazda 5 is the first cool minivan.
How I Learned Not to Worry and Just Love the Minivan [nyt via dt reader jj]


I don't get it.

The guy is rushing out to buy a $20,000 mini-minivan for his family and no one here says a word. Meanwhile back on the Bugaboo rant, there are 22 comments because some people paid $500 more for a stroller.

Sorry, couldn't resist. ;)

- Kirk.

[but $20k for a new car is almost as cheap as you can get. About the only thing cheaper than that is a Scion--which I'd buy in a second. -ed.]

Probably because you can pay nearly 4Ok for a nearly large mini-van these days. We need more of these little Wagovans from Europe...

The "Rear Seat Entertainment Video System" option for a Dodge Caravan is $1,150 by itself.

- Kirk.

I too, gave up on my Miata after the second child and "upgraded" to a Sienna lifestyle vehicle....

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