October 25, 2005

First Comes Wine, Then Comes The Baby

I forgot to post this last week--and judging from the press releases, Whole Foods apparently doesn't want dads to know anything about it--but the Whole Foods at NYC's Columbus Circle has a big sign announcing a Whole Baby store will be "opening soon." It'll have a whole bunch of organic clothes and home furnishings, presumably along the lines of the Lifestyle Store opening in LA.

The Whole Baby at the Time Warner Mall will be in the now-defunct wine shop, which was closed down by the cops after someone bothered to check the paperwork and found out they didn't have a license to be sellin' the hard stuff. [Oops.]

Press Release 08/11/05 : "Whole Baby" Program Introduces New Moms [... if even the organic hippies can't get it right...] to Advantages of Natural and Organic Lifestyle for Their Growing Families [wholefoods.com]
Previously: Whole Foods Lifestyle Store

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