October 24, 2005

Your Bugaboo? How Much For Your Bugaboo?

hot_chi_bugaboo.jpgI hear people say all the time that high resale value is one reason they bought a Bugaboo. But then, I never hear of anyone actually selling. So I took a quick tour of craigslist to see what a good Frog's bringing around the country. Turns out that very few people are selling:

  • DC: orange, $600 ["we are expecting another and need a double. love it"]
  • Seattle: silver, with a foot muff, $650 ["it's all the rage these days"]
  • NYC: burgundy, $675 ["has only been used six times"]; red, $675 ["virtually unused...only selling because we received the Cameleon as a gift"] that's the LES for you.
  • Chicago, posted 10/21: black, $500 obo ["No basinet. Only attachments included are shown in pics."]
  • Chicago, posted 10/23:
    Wanted: My black Bugaboo stroller back
    My name is Luke, and I'm 10 months old. My black Bugaboo Frog stroller was stolen a couple of weeks ago, and I'm hoping someone will give it back (no questions asked). Coincidently, it looks alot like this one that someone is selling.
    Which reminds me, we just watched The Untouchables this weekend. Great stroller movie.


    Your Untouchables comment is right on! That is my favorite scene in the movie... 'You Got Em?' 'Yeah, I got 'em' I just felt bad for all the sailors in the train station... they should have been in the stroller!

    And that scene in The Untouchables pays homage to 'the Odessa Steps' scene in the famous Eisenstein film Battleship Potemkin...

    [yeah, that's the only way Brian dePalma could get people to ever discuss him and Eisenstein in the same sentence. very sly. -ed.]

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