October 24, 2005

Congratulations, James Joyce. Now About The Manbreasts...

nyt_manbreasts.jpgThe latest installment of Lens Observance, the NY Times' "picture = 1,000 words" feature, is of 32-year old James Joyce [please, people, let's leave the man in peace; I'm sure he's heard them all by now.], who's beaming at the moment of birth. His wife Hanna is in the background [looking a little too busy to beam right now, thanks]. Congratulations all around.

Now could someone please explain what his naked, hairy man-cleavage is doing in my morning paper? I guess I missed the memo about the delivery room being clothing-optional for dads...

Observance: Birth, by James Estrin [nyt]


Yeah - he obviously has never had his face up against a hairy man chest. As much as he desires to bond with his new baby, he should understand that it isn't really a very comfortable position. Would you like to have your first breaths be filtered through a man hair?

Oh, well you haven't read enough hippy birth guides. Many recommend that the man have his shirt off so he can go skin to skin with the newborn shortly after birth. Or maybe he was in the shower or tub with her earlier just wearing his bathing suit.

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