October 23, 2005

Some Nursery Candy From CribCandy

balloon_light.jpg campana_bros_plush_sofa.jpg

Unlike some blogs who type on and on and on about some cool design or other [umm...], CribCandy knows when a picture is enough. Or when a picture and a link are enough. There's a continuous stream of sweet contemporary design, furniture, and other stuff for your crib.

Granted, most of them are for cribs without cribs, but there are a few that might go well with kids:

  • Creepy-cool glowing doll lamps (from Petitcollin, the French company who also offers a set of "melting pot" dolls with a range of skin tones from across the former colonies.)
  • Chair made out of stuffed animals (it's unique and expensive--$11k-- made by the Campana brothers who I like, but available only from Moss, who I don't.) Also available in alligators, sharks & dolphins, and teddy bears. [oops, the bears are sold.]
  • Balloon lights are by Toby Sanders, but I don't know where to get them.


    Those balloon lights look like LEDs that get inserted into helium balloons. Maybe it's a Balloominator.


    There is nothing unique about laying on a pile of stuffed animals. I did it when I was little, and for a lot less than 11K.

    [Maybe the unique part is getting someone to pay you that much for your pile... -ed.]

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