October 23, 2005

Kleemann E50KCC: Danish For Pimp My Mercedes Wagon


The 2-inch lift kit and the flared wheelwells on the Kleemann E50KCC answer the question of what'd result if a Mercedes got knocked up by the Audi Allroad she met in that youth hostel in Copenhagen. Of course, if you mention it at all, the E50KCC will demand to race you for pink slips, and you'll lose, on OR off the tarmac.

Kleemann has put their 595hp tuned v-8 into a performance- and style-enhanced Mercedes E500 4-matic wagon, and the results look pretty spectactular. If you want a way to catch up with Seal and his AMG E55, Denmark's a good place to start looking.

Kleemann E50KCC Wagon [kleemann.dk via jalopnik]

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