October 22, 2005

Too Many Strollers In Art Galleries These Days?

Then this post is for you. The art world is so awesome. I love/hate it:

I head to the after-party at Hiro, where I'm told that I've just missed what a colleague describes as "a classic Helene Winer moment." Winer, who runs Metro with Janelle Reiring, usually evinces a charming acerbity and decidedly non-touchy-feely style. A little girl of the crazy-cute-demon-seed variety was frenetically darting around, bothering people. Winer crouched down to face level with the child: "We don't talk to children. We don't even think they're cute. We'll talk to you later, if you grow up to be interesting. What do you think of that?" Winer then resumed adult posture while the child, pensive for a moment, put a finger to her lip, and answered, "Well, it doesn't hurt my feelings, but it does seem a bit harsh." Winer: "It's not personal. It's more a global remark about kids."
The More the Scarier by David Rimanelli [artforum: scene & herd


I sort of see this as equivalent of making fun of someone in a wheelchair or punching a kid with glasses. Woo hoo, you can raise your artist cred by telling a kid she's not cute or interesting. Good for you. Sure lots of people think it, but to try to knock the kid down to make yourself look witty, that is just "a bit harsh." I am glad the little girl had a good remark, especially once Winer put it in the form of a question to allow herself some ego stroking once she figured the girl would have nothing to say.

I wonder if they talked to her after that.

Helene can just forget about getting invited over for hotdish and karaoke now.

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