October 22, 2005

Muji Dork Pajamas

muji_pajamas.jpgIf there's a bigger Muji fan on this continent (hey, Canada!), I haven't met him, but the pajamas we got for the kid in Japan over the summer are the dorkiest dork-jamas in the world.

Or at least they're meant to be. They're totally normal cotton 2-piece PJ's, with a plastic snap-close collar. We got red, which doesn't show up online, but they're just like these grey ones. Once we got them out of the package, we spotted these buttons up under the kid's armpits. And there are matching buttonholes on the pants' elastic waist. If you do as you're apparently meant to, and hike the kid's waistband up under her arms--and button it in place--you will turn even the most adorable, golden-haired moppet into a mini-me version of Ed Grimley. It looks ridiculous.

Fortunately, the pajamas work just fine without buttoning your kid's pride away. So in the end, it's all good. Here's hoping Japanese parents have enough sense to figure that out, too.

Smooth Cotton Pajamas - Grey, 1,575 yen [muji.net, japan(ese) only]

related: On the other hand, she is so cute in this raincoat, she stops people in their tracks. Literally. It's almost unfair to other kids to take her outside.


I don't know if I'm a bigger Muji fan than you... I'm up there, though... I'm going to search the in-laws place for my Muji organic cotton sheets and pillowcases I left there when I moved back. Hope they fit in the suitcase.

And that raincoat is awesome (I almost said "adorable" and then remembered I may be a dad, but I'm still a straight male...)

I think we'll be taking a shopping trip there while I'm in Japan next month... any other good kid-related stores to hit in Tokyo/all of Japan? I wasn't a dad yet the last time I lived there (2003), so I know Miki House and that's it...

[go to the Yurakucho mega-store for some Muji nirvana. -ed.]

I love your site and wish I could find the time to make mine resemble yours. Any help or advice? Clunkparents.blogdrive.com

The buttons might be to thwart toddler nudists. I have a friend with twins who love to take off their pajamas and diapers and greet the day au naturel. As you may guess, their parents are not amused.

[bet the neighbors are, though -ed.]

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