October 21, 2005

Star Wars Baby Blanket


Search the message boards of the DIY site Craftster.org for "Star Wars" and approximately 100% of the posts you find will include some variation on the phrase, "Ack! My [husband/bf] would LOVE this!" [emoticons and several dozen exclamation points omitted -ed.]

I point this out not to mock, but to enlighten. If you are a Star Wars fan who has managed to procreate, and yet you find there's not enough homebrewed Star Wars gear in your--or your little padawan's--life, why not leave Craftster open on your computer for your own Princess Leia to find?

Another solution, of course, would be to make something your own damn self. This baby blanket with an Imperial Cog design on it [look it up] requires no sewing, just some fleece, some iron-on technology, and Jedi Master-level scissormanship. Remember, there is no try, only do.

Star Wars Imperial Cog Baby Blanket
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LMAO, Greg! I'm dying over here, the mental picture of you making a Yoda hat or an Imperial Cog blanket has now displaced the very funny image of you cutting up t-shirts in order to make DIY onesies...

Someone should really start mass producing these suckers.

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