October 21, 2005

Hand-Painted Nursery Seuss-scape


Sorry if Myke's R2D2 Onesie iron-on show up a bit late for you; he and his wife and their crew were just too busy freehanding an awesome Dr. Seuss nursery for the kid-to-come. You know how it is.

And if you don't know how it is, check out Myke's photoset on flickr of the Seussian nursery taking shape. Day-um.

Above: Old Man Painting The Wardrobe, from Dr. Seuss Nursery [flickr]


I've always liked these IKEA cartoon-y pieces of furniture... not enough to actually BUY any, mind you..

[that wardrobe is the icon for the children's storage section, even though it's no longer listed online. -ed.]

If only I had the talent! Great job.

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