October 21, 2005

Electronic Toy Design Class Weblog


A Parsons class for electronic toy designers has a weblog. Whether you want to source odd, cheap motors or you entertain fantasies of tearing that chattering Furby limb from electronic limb, it's definitely worth a look:

Boohbah is the second generation of Teletubbies. I decided to dissect this particular plush toy because it hasn't been done. I bought this at KB Toys for $9.99. Considering the various movements it was able to do I found this a great deal. Despite its scary appearance it was a toy I wouldn't mind taking apart. To be honest, this toy scares the hell out me. My roommates also think the same. We don't understand why little kids love this toy so much?
Making Toys [via coolhunting and dt reader Christy]
Get a dissectable Boohbah of your own at Amazon ($11.98, though) [amazon]

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TRUTH: Those things look like uncut penises. I wouldn't want to be the one to have cut it open, because, seriously, how can you be certain if you've just dissected it, or given it a vasectomy?

[I think we have a new mascot for all the circumcize-or-not? posts. -ed.]

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