October 21, 2005

DIY R2D2 Onesie

r2d2-onesie_transfer.jpgI guess this third Star Wars post in a row is where I announce that there will be three sequels, and after all that, when I'm as rich and lazy as Jabba the Hut, three prequels designed to hoover every last cent out of your wallets.

Turns out DT reader and dad-to-be Myke thought his kid'd make a nice R2D2 for Halloween, so he created some color graphics you can print out and iron onto a Onesie [a registered trademark of the fine folks at Gerber, btw] or other, less-well-branded infant bodysuit. Myke made the graphic in two sizes, skinny for the newborns and fat for the should-be-sleeping-through-the-night crowd.

R2D2 Baby Costume [redgunblack]

1 Comment

Brilliant! Now if I can only convince the wife that this would be cuter than the flower costume. No one said R2D2 wasn't a girl (although you sorta doubted he/it was...)

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