October 20, 2005

Pimp Thy Stroller

pimp_my_stroller.jpgI think we may have uncovered the reason the West Coasters of L.A. Rush went with the lame, faux British "Pimp My Pushchair." Because "Pimp My Stroller" was already taken by the East Coast crew Rhett and Link, who Crusade on Campus for Christ.

That's right, as the videos on their website show, two North Carolina dads have pimped out not only their kids' stroller, but they pimped out the kids themselves. The little tykes now roll for the Lord in a glossy black whip with 14" spinners and neon underlighting.

You can watch the transformation, and then watch a Christmas pageant in Greensboro where Rhett and Link bring the Biblical verse to life, "Suffer the little children."

And then pray for them, as Jesus's words ring in their ears for all eternity: "For inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

Pimp My Stroller t-shirts available soon? "No man knows the time or the day" [rhettandlink.com via dt reader marjorie]
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Christ (sic), i missed that they were doing this in service of Christ. (god help me, I never clicked on anything but the "pimp my stroller" video.) pimping the kids out at an assembly is SO not godly.

[um, Marjorie, Lord's name in vain... -ed.]

Too funny. I'm now thinking of pimping my daughters stroller for the bad weather - fleecy zip bag, nubby tires or runners for snow traction, maybe a plow on the front for clearing a path to the mailbox. Suggestions welcome.

Equal parts funny, cool, borderline Amos and Andy action and just cringe worthy.

Thanks greg.

[eh, the Lorda provida Luigi with-a the geeft. Luigi justa share it. -ed.]

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