October 20, 2005

Pimp My Pushchair? Sure, But First A Spot Of Tea

la_rush_still.jpg"It ain't the buggy, it's the driver."

That's how our hero, little Trikz explains his cheap-ass umbrella stroller to Lidell, who's just pulled up next to him in a, well, I guess it's supposed to be a streetracing stroller so pimped out it'll stop traffic on Crenshaw. Never mind that the thing's just a Jeep 3-wheeler with a chrome headlight and some neon underneath.

This whole scene takes place in a viral prequel video called "Pimp My Pushchair," which sets up the lifelong rivalry and revenge storyline of L.A. Rush, the latest streetracing incarnation of Midway Games' Rush series for PS2 and X-Box.

Now, I haven't been in South Central for a while [since Snoop and I had that falling out over his football league, not gonna get into that now]. But I have to ask, "Do they really call them pushchairs and buggies in the 'hood?" Or was the game developed in Midway's London office?

And while you can definitely represent without rolling a Bugaboo, unless Lidell's sorry-ass ride is supposed to set him up as the game's comic relief, not the bad guy, I gotta tell you, I think Trikz is getting punk'd.

Pimp My Pushchair [pimpmypushchair.com via dt reader smith frenzy]
In their review of LA Rush for X-Box, Gamespot hates the game, not the player: 6.3 [gamespot]

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So funny. I saw this the other day and was going to e-mail it to you but got busy.

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