October 19, 2005

Indiana Man Leaves 4-mo In Car, But Can Explain

So a dad from Michigan City, Indiana, William Kersey, borrows a car, which is reported abandoned on a Chesteron cul de sac Saturday night, 'round 11, with the door open, the dome light on, and a 4-month-old baby inside.

Two hours later, Kersey--with his 4-year-old daughter in tow--calls police from a mile and a half away to ask, essentially, "dude where's my (borrowed) car?" Didn't mention the baby.

But you gotta understand, see, he was attacked in the woods, then he got lost, but then he happened to run into his daughter along the way--it was Saturday night and all, and a 4-year-old's gotta have some fun, right?--and, well, we'll let the Porter County police handle it from here. Suffice it to say there are some salient details yet to be unearthed about the guy's story.

The kids, meanwhile, are chilling with Child Protective Services, and dad's stewing in the tank, charged with felony neglect. The car? A 1993 Ford. Green.

Baby left unattended in car [nwitimes via dt reader ponch, and thanks to Times reporter Ken Kosky for the car info]
Dude, you left your baby in the car here, and yet you called from here [google maps]
Perhaps it was a fine Ford Mustang or Thunderbird like these [ebaymotors.com]

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I finally write about something before I see it on Daddytypes and this is the thanks I get! Ponch gives you a tip! :)

[yeah, but you got the mug shot! -ed.]

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