October 17, 2005

Tips For Talking To Your Canadian Baby

CanadianLiving.com has some useful, basic info on how the way you talk to your infant helps him develop his language skills. The article includes tips like waiting for a reply, being descriptive of the kid's surroundings, and watching for early signs of hearing disabilities.

Oddly unmentioned: the 12 months of guaranteed paid babytalking leave for new parents, and the constitutional regulation requiring at least 50% of your baby talk to be in Quebecois.

Talking to newborn babies [canadianliving.com]

1 Comment

Dear Lord! Does this mean Canadians are still reproducing?

[not as fast as your sarcastic comments, Joe, but remember, it's cold up there. Slows'em down a bit, but then again, they've got nothing else to do. -ed.]

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