October 17, 2005

JetBlue: Go Ahead, Everyone's Doing It


JetBlue is running this ad on the street around NYC, touting the sedative effects of parking your kid in front of his own, personal TV screen for a few hours.

Do you use the electronic babysitter? [bloggingbaby.com]

Tips and tricks for enjoying coach with an infant-in-arms
[sweet juniper]
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jetBlue is the only airline to fly when you are flying with kids.

It's the only airline to fly anyway....

JetBlue: Good. Ad: Bad.

I remember a time when people were ashamed of parking their kids infront of a screen so that they could get an hour of peace while Seasame Street was on. Now folks are installing one or more DVD players in their cars. Maybe the kids should look at the world rushing by the damned window. I'm all for kids using TV/Video as a tool, but its not something to be proud of or to use as a selling point. "GM BigFrickin'SUV: Now with child mind-melters installed in every seat!"

This is great! I can't wait to take little what's-her-face down to orlando for her birthday on.....mid december.

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