October 15, 2005

Cruise: Scary Baby

kate_cruises_baby.JPGDid I already pledge to expand the Britney-fetus ban to Tom Cruise? Well, then this just happens to be a post about the Scientological doctrine of 'silent birth,' where the labor, delivery and the baby's first 24 hours are supposed to be noise-free.

And it just happens to be--in a very non-specific way, of course--about apparent blatant fudging of due dates. And the uncomfortable interpolation of conception dates. And the way those dates overlap with an unaccounted-for 16-day period when no one is able to say where a baby mamma was. And about your girlfriend's aunt talking very publically about your "equipment."

So that's what this post is about. So if you want to read about TomKat, you're in the wrong place. You should try Slate.com.

And apropos of nothing, have you seen this Kate Cruise's Baby t-shirt? Twenty bucks.

Silent Night? Holy Crap! [slate]

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