October 13, 2005

Mickey Who? Get The Kid A Pez MP3 Player Instead

pez_mp3_player.jpgEarlier this year, Pat Misterovich, an at-home-dad in Missouri, thought it'd be sweet if he could make an MP3 player out of a Pez dispenser. So he designed and licensed it, lined up a manufacturer, and--voila--now he's taking orders. Delivery's expected in 4-6 weeks, in time for the holidays

The 512 Mb MP3/WMA player has USB, can be used as normal file storage, too, and is powered by a AAA battery. The limited 1st edition character is Pez Pal Boy [who I think is JB Big Boy's brother. Their dad must have some sweet connections in the corporate mascot industry.]

No word on whether you can swap out the heads--say, of Disney characters or whoever--with actual Pez candy dispensers, but I know it comes pre-loaded with a bunch of indie music from hot bands I've never heard of.

Maybe we should do some playlists and character head suggestions for the daddytypes limited edition...

Pez MP3 Player, $99 [pezmp3.com, via boingboing]

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