October 12, 2005

Ooh. Camo Cashmere Baby Blanket From Scotland

papa_stour_camo_cashmere.jpgUsed to be when the best cashmere--practically the only cashmere, for that matter--was from Scotland. Well, those days may be coming back, thanks in part to Papa Stour, an online boutique of products by contemporary Scottish artists and artisans.

The runaway best idea, for kids, anyway, is this camouflage patterned cahsmere baby shawl/blanket. The camo pattern is laid over the background and stitched into place. Don't know how much blending in you'll be doing with handstitched camo cashmere, but at least you don't have to dry clean it--it's hand washable!

Anyway, the camo blanket is 320, so you may need to hide under it when the bill comes. Yowza. Still, even though it's nice and nearly half the price--only 185--it's hard to imagine settling for the solid non-camo cashmere model.

Camo Cashmere Children's Shawl/Blanket
[papastour.com via coolhunting]

1 Comment

I wonder if the camo pattern is to help camoflage the inevitable spitup/ground-in food/juice spills/etc etc.

$600+ seems like a lot to cover up the fact that your kid spills!

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