October 10, 2005

Wodeo Season! Infant Western Wear Season! Wodeo Season!

cowboy-boot-infant.jpgAs PBR returns to the OLN--the 2006 Pro Bull Riding World Cup Final is early this year, Nov. 3-6, tickets go on sale next week--a man's heart turns to dressing his child up like a cowboy. Or at least it turns the idea that getting the kid her own belt buckle will make her lose interest in his.

Good luck with that. The rodeo market seems to wait until a kid's 4 or 5 before giving him the full cowboy mini-me treatment. Most belts and buckles come in children's sizes, 18" waists and up, but not infant or toddler [And yes, that includes the confederate flag buckles, too; you'll have to find other ways to flaunt your racist heritage, sorry.]

As for boots, there's a wagonload for children, a saddlebagful for toddlers, and a tin coffee cupful for infants. Hats? As they say on the prairie, fuggedaboutit. The Wild Cowboy has one hat. [Yes, those scrunched up cowboy hats, the one the hipsters wear thinking they look like Brad Pitt in Thelma & Louise, would fit. They're available at American Eagle, sign enough that that wagon train has left the fort.]

The Wild Cowboy
Pro Bull Riding [pbrnow.com]

Previously: PBR Rompers? See, it IS western wear season.


Our litle lady just picked up a pair of magenta cowboy boots at Target - they only have them in toddler sizes and they were selling fast. Check out www.westernoutfitters.com for kid-sized hats...but they only go so small.

In a fit of working mother guilt, I bought a pair of these at the San Antonio airport while awaiting my flight home. I paid too much money and they were too small. I did everything I could to wedge his fat little foot in there but no luck. "Mommy Went to Texas and All I got Were these Lousy Too Small Boots." Oh well.

I actually figure it's a safety measure. Parents should be doing everything they can to protect innocent children from the devastating scourge of life, happiness, and good taste that is country music, and keeping out of the baby cowboy gear is one way to start.

We bought the little guy a nice set of Ropers not too long ago. He should actually get some good use out of them when he goes to visit grandpa on the ranch.

Guess this means I'm not doing my part to "protect" my kid. Somehow he'll have to suffer through life being a hick like his dad.

The actual reason it's hard to find this stuff under ages 4 or 5 is because Little Britches Rodeo starts at 5 years old. Yes, it is as cute and frightening as you would think.

The Monster did have some litte size 5 cowboy boots and later some size 3T slim fit Wranglers, but i swear, it was all the fault of the Grandparents, most of whom are Alberta beef ranchers. Yes, it's true. I'm a hick and my 3 year old has the Carhartt coveralls to prove it.

Throkky -
I forgot all about Little Britches! Grandpa's been too busy trying to convince us the little guy needs to sign up for mutton bustin' that he's forgotten all about the rodeo.

[alright. even before I click on the link, I know that every kid should be involved in mutton bustin' -ed.]

Oh come on Greg, don't you want your sweet little girl riding sheep for 6 seconds?

Mutton Bustin is part of the Little Britches here. Grandma and Grandpa are threatening to get a sheep just so the boys can learn.

[I definitely don't want her to become some ditzy buckle bunny, so if it takes riding a sheep to keep that from happening, so be it. -ed.]

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