October 6, 2005

The Green Dollhouse Project

greener_dollhouse.jpgIf somebody'd told me on Monday that this week was mod dollhouse week, I'da been all, "dollhouses? No way, dude, too many parts." Oh well.

Sparkability Mark just added a link to The Green Dollhouse Project, a design competition/exhibition at the Coyote Point Museum in San Mateo, CA through December 3. Architects, designers, students, and treehuggers of all stripes created dollhouses that embody environmentally responsible living.

I like the house above, made of bamboo and custom-lacquered mdf for $3,000 [kidding!], it's from students at California College of the Arts. For those of you who want to see more but can't afford to fill the tank on your Expedition a dozen times on the way to the Bay, there's a book.

The Green Dollhouse Project
[greendollhouse.org via inhabitat]
Coyote Point Museum - crunch crunch crunch [coyoteptmuseum.org]


LOL, Greg! Dollhouses, huh? See the stuff I miss out on by having sons!

Will you *promise* to keep the blog going until The Kid goes and gets engaged? It'll be so much fun to read the stuff you'll write about wedding gowns, invitations, reception sites, etc.

You could always get your sons a dollhouse...

No, boys have manly GI Joe headquarters, or so my nephew informed me.
Of course, they were playing with small dinosaurs in my dollhouse my Grandpa made me when i was 6.

The exhibit is popular with boys too - young and old. There is even a place to build your own out of environmentally friendly dollhouse blocks. Check out the photos at www.greendollhouse.org/press_room.shtml (houses) and www.RecycleWorks.org (exhibit).
Many of these were built by Dads (who happen to be architects or design students.) These are not your normal dollhouses - these are works of art with incredible detail. Even a GI Joe fan would be interested, I think.

[for the record, I think dollhouses aren't for girls; they're for kids. kids and dads. and architects. and-- anyway... -ed.]

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