October 6, 2005

Foreign Language Alphabet Blocks

aleph-bet_blocks.gifShowing why he earns the big blogging bucks, Jay points to Uncle Goose's basic wood letter blocks, American-made, but also available in ten non-English languages. Except for the occasional umlaut or accent aigue, a lot of the letters look suspiciously similar to our own. [hmmm...] You really want to blow the kids mind, though, you'll get the Russian/Cyrillic blocks, or, better yet, the Hebrew ones. [Aleph-bet. heh. He's talking funny-talk.] And besides, what better way to celebrate the new year--and to whip your kid into shape in advance of dreidel season?

Uncle Goose Language Alphabet Blocks [unclegoose.com via bloggingbaby]


These are very nice blocks - not just made in the US but very well made in the US.

a friend of mine just tried to order the russian blocks and after having to call the business she was told that the factory is actually shut down right now. the gentleman she talked to was very helpful, however, in directing her to another site that carries them.

Yay! Finally, something on DT that's made in the USA. How 'bout making a whole new category for that?

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