October 6, 2005

Danny Gregory On Impending Fatherhood

The latest installment of The Peanut Chronicle is out. The surprise baby shower didn't go well [Danny plays it down, but word to the wise on that one]. And they buy gear--big gear--but what struck me was this passage, which captures the anxious excitement and doubt of impending fatherhood better than almost anything I can think of:

And perhaps, less dramatically but more poignantly, I will regret it because I might have failed to live up to all those dreams of being a good father, because fatherhood may be much more difficult than I think.

I worry that my fantasies of playing tag around the house, of wrestling, of teaching my boy to identify breeds of dogs, of showing him my favorite movies, of having man-to-man chats, will all be crushed under my workload, or my waning interest, or my inabilities, or some other mundane calamity. I hope not. I hope I donít look back on this year and feel bittersweet, saddened by my own idealism. I feel that way sometimes when I think about attitudes I had in college, attitudes that proved to be impractical or misinformed but were so filled with passion and idealism at the time.

Check out the whole thing at The Morning News.

You Betrayed Me (June)

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Holy crap. That's what I was going to say.

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