October 6, 2005

AOL Buys Daddy Blogger's Posts, &c. For $25 Million

25 million subscribers, ostensibly the most family-centric of all the big Internet companies, publisher of the biggest parenting magazine in the world, and yet you could fit all their dad-focused content in a Take & Toss cup, and even then you wouldn't care if you left it at Gymboree.

Well, that's about to change. Counting Jay "The Zero Boss" Allen's posts on Blogging Baby, which it just bought for somewhere between $25-40 $15-25 million*, AOL will increase its daddy content by approximately 1 million percent. Compared to the $150 million sticker price for Daddy Types (equivalent to a four year stint at Harvard, class of 2026), I think they got themselves quite a bargain. Congratulations.

* Apparently the price includes all of Blogging Baby, not just Jay's section. Oh, and Jason Calacanis's 80 or so other blogs. And 10,000 "Silicon Alley Reporter '00" golf shirts.

Exclusive: Weblogs Inc Being Bought Out By America Online [paidcontent.org]

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