October 6, 2005

529 101: Where To Start Looking For College Savings Funds

Since 2002, state-sponsored 529 college savings plans have become a very popular way to invest money for a kid's future college education. As long as the proceeds are used to pay for college & secondary education expenses, 529's are federal...
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Foreign Language Alphabet Blocks

Showing why he earns the big blogging bucks, Jay points to Uncle Goose's basic wood letter blocks, American-made, but also available in ten non-English languages. Except for the occasional umlaut or accent aigue, a lot of the letters look suspiciously...
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Bay Area Man Catches Triplet In (Not A Daddy Type) T-Shirt

The excellently named Biko Eisen-Martin, a history teacher at Berkeley High School, saw a woman in pain at the entrance to the BART station, went to help her as everyone else passed by, and ended up delivering the first of...
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AOL Buys Daddy Blogger's Posts, &c. For $25 Million

25 million subscribers, ostensibly the most family-centric of all the big Internet companies, publisher of the biggest parenting magazine in the world, and yet you could fit all their dad-focused content in a Take & Toss cup, and even then...
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Meanwhile, Sir Paul Drives A, Well, A Stroller Of Some Kind

Right after the disastrous Geraldo Bugaboo sighting, another Gawker reported seeing Paul McCartney " pushing a stroller (with blond kid in it) down 57th St. across from Carnegie Hall" on Monday. [No brand/model mentioned? Come on, anonymous blog readers, what's...
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Umm, How Else Can I Put This? Geraldo Drives A Bugaboo

Some days you win, and some days you lose. And today, I have to admit it, the Bugaboo team lost:Tonight (10/4, good buddy) on a flight from Cleveland to Newark, saw a trim and relaxed Geraldo Rivera in coach(!) with...
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The Green Dollhouse Project

If somebody'd told me on Monday that this week was mod dollhouse week, I'da been all, "dollhouses? No way, dude, too many parts." Oh well. Sparkability Mark just added a link to The Green Dollhouse Project, a design competition/exhibition at...
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Another Sweet Creative Playthings Dollhouse

While DT reader Andy's waiting for the kid (six days overdue, no pressure!), he's also rounding up info on cleanly designed, wonderfully constructed, vintage Creative Playthings toys, like this two-story dollhouse, which was originally available with either finished or natural...
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Self Hating Zoos

We took an extended visit to the zoo yesterday (in DC) in lieu of the playground, and whoa, it was totally empty. Like no people at all. And while the kid was excited to see animals we usually don't--to...
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Danny Gregory On Impending Fatherhood

The latest installment of The Peanut Chronicle is out. The surprise baby shower didn't go well [Danny plays it down, but word to the wise on that one]. And they buy gear--big gear--but what struck me was this passage, which...
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