October 6, 2005

Meanwhile, Sir Paul Drives A, Well, A Stroller Of Some Kind

paul_mccartney_book.jpgRight after the disastrous Geraldo Bugaboo sighting, another Gawker reported seeing Paul McCartney " pushing a stroller (with blond kid in it) down 57th St. across from Carnegie Hall" on Monday. [No brand/model mentioned? Come on, anonymous blog readers, what's Gawker paying you for??]

That'd be the day he was signing copies of his new children's book, High In The Clouds, at the Rockefeller Center Barnes & Noble. [image: brunopress.nl] The book reveals, in a non-judgmental, kid-friendly way, how LSD provided Paul with the inspiration for "Lucy in the sky with diamonds."

No, no it doesn't. It tells of some plucky animals in a hot air balloon who escape an evil developer bent on destroying their habitat. Booo. Whatever, I guess he decided that Lennon can't be the ONLY children's book-publishing Beatle, not while McCartney's still got some kick left in 'im!

Buy High in The Clouds on Amazon [amazon]

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