October 5, 2005

Tricycles: Big Wheels In Disguise


With a single twist, this sweet Radio Flyer Twist Trike converts from a low-slung Big Wheel-like chopper to an honest-to-goodness tricycle.

You may have to stare at it for a minute to figure out where to twist.

#440 Twist Trike from Radio Flyer [radioflyer.com via core77 and dt reader Christy]
Buy the Twist Trike for $59.99 [amazon]
Meanwhile, my favorite Radio Flyer is still the jelly bean-shaped Little Red Roadster, which is $49.99 [amazon]


That is quite impressive.

Now here's something I can get behind. Think I could teach a 7 week old to roll with one of those bad boys?

oh this is soooo cool. I can imagine the BMX park sequence now, where the three year old gets air off the lip in the bigwheel config, rolls the body 540, and lands it trike-side up.

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