October 5, 2005

"Cars You Still Can't Have" Update

  • Nissan is definitely bringing the next-gen Cube to the US. In 2008. [not 2007. Or 2006.] This story will be leaked every six months until your kids are in college. [autoweek via jalopnik]
  • Spoiled by Priuses, treehugging Canadian anti-snobs like the Mercedes B-Class for its efficient transmission, fact-facing small size, but hate it for its non-hybridized, monster-sized 2-liter engine. Daddy Types says: Take the soft wood lumber outta yer butts, eh? At least they're SELLING it in your country. [treehugger]
  • Five years on, and they still won't ever sell the Audi A2 in North America. It's all aluminum, looks weirdly awesome, is utterly unserviceable except by the dealer, and isn't quite the performer it should've been. But still, makes good salt for the wound. [audi.co.uk]

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    I've been whining about motor vehicles unavailable in the states since I can remember ever wanting a car. Peugeot is an entire manufacturer which is not available here. I always wanted a Nissan Skyline too, but these days I'll settle for just about anything that will help out the environment.

    Of course servicing these machines will be a task unto itself.

    [the A2 is in a class by itself for self-servicing tooldom. The hood has these shoplifting tag-like locks so that you literally cannot open it without the dealer's special tool. See how THAT car's gonna fare on the circa 2030 vintage circuit. -ed.]

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