October 5, 2005

Austin Redneck Warms To Gay Dad Neighbors

austin_culdesac_dads.jpgNot a fan of the reality TV, but apparently ABC shot and canned a show called Welcome To The Neighborhood last year. The plot: Give a free McMansion to whoever pissed off the whitey white neighbors of an Austin, TX cul-de-sac the least. The contestants: The Blacks, The Pagans, The Tattooeds, The Gays... [Huh? So where's the controversy?]

Anyway, a year later, the winners, The Gays, a white male couple [dad's a schoolteacher, other dad's a 'soccer mom'] with a 2-year-old adopted African American son, Eli [they're gunnin' for Yale. have these people no shame?] have apparently not only buried the hatchet with the reddest redneck neighbor who hated them, they've become best of friends.

Said the redneck then: "'I just don't get the gay thing,' Jim Stewart said, shaking his head during a poker game in The Show That Never Aired.

'Well, I don't get the redneck thing,' Steve Wright countered."

Says the redneck now: "I was fearful and ignorant, which is where all prejudice comes from."

Now don't we all owe reality TV an apology? Hmm?

Circle C's reality TV therapy [austin american-statesman, via towleroad whose got a bunch of background links]

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