October 5, 2005

At-Home Dads Multiplying Like Rabbits?

Rebel Dad, who's something of an expert on this kind of thing [statistics and government policy ARE the favorite sports in Washington, DC, after all] has parsed some Census Bureau statistics and is feeling pretty darn good. I'll let him tell you the giddy details, but here's the executive summary:

While the Bureau doesn't seem to have bothered to publish the number of at-home dads at all [and even when they do, they're off by at least a factor of 20, go figure], Brian's calculations show that the number of kids with dad as a primary caregiver increased 53 percent in one year, to 258,000. Now that number's off too, of course, and the definition of at-home dad and primary caregiver are whack, but still.

So whaddya say, group hug? Or, um, high five?

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